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Who Called Me?

Who Called Me?If you constantly find yourself wondering, “Who called me?” it may probably mean that you have received numerous phone calls with such messages on your caller ID as “Unknown”, “Toll Free Number”, “Private Caller” or even just a blank where the name and phone number should appear. A number of solutions to answering the question “who called me” are available for your use.

If you are really curious and in some cases brave enough to answer “who called me?” an option is to call the number back. You could inform the caller that yours is the wrong number and clear up any confusion. If it is an eerie call that has reached you, calling back may take some courage but you will be able to confront the caller and find out what they want and why they are threatening you.

You can also register online with websites where other people report their experiences about anonymous calls. You will find many other people concerned about who called their numbers, wondering “who called me?” They usually post the particular numbers and discuss what the call was about. You can search the number that called you on these sites to find out who called you.

If you are technologically inclined and still asking “who called me?” another alternative is to download an application on your mobile phone or computer that will help you. These applications are usually free and they give you access to mobile numbers online which you can search through. For computer applications, the software usually come as toolbars that you can enter the phone number and get results, while for mobile applications, the software is usually able to filter through all your incoming calls and give you the numbers that called.

There are numerous websites that can help you answer the question, “Who called me?” These websites contain phone numbers from mobile subscribers who volunteer to register their numbers with the site. Searching is usually free on such sites, but you can get lucky if the person who called you had registered on one of these sites.

If you have tried these methods and still have no satisfactory answer to “Who called me?” other options are on hand for you to do. Search engines are another resource that you can use. Simply type in the number on your caller ID to the search engine and wait for results. There are high chances that you will find the caller especially if the phone number is a landline.
Online phone directories are yet another place you can search. These sites normally ask you to pay a small fee to search your number. This is the most effective way because these websites contain updated records of mobile and landline numbers, which are purchased from phone companies. Using such websites can be very rewarding, and you will not have to ask “Who called me?” any longer.

These methods can resolve your question, but if it is still not forthcoming, you should pose the question “Who called me?” to your phone company or mobile provider. They should give you the answer you require, and even help you block the person from interrupting you again.

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