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Find Who Owns a Number

Find Who Owns a NumberThere two methods you can use to find who owns a number. The three main methods are using the phonebook, entering the number on search engines, and using an online reverse phone number lookup. These methods are easy and will help you to find who owns a number.

Using the phonebook is an easy way to begin. If the number that has called you is a fixed line or a landline, you can probably find it in your phonebook. One consideration to this method is whether the line is registered, because there are some individuals who choose not to have their numbers listed. Then, instead of looking for the number in the names column, you will have to look at the numbers column, which may be tedious if you need to find who owns a number more urgently.

Search engines can also be used to find who owns a number. The format used when you want to find who owns a number is “555-555-5555”, including the quotation marks. You can use this format for regular search engines, or even when using specialized phone tracking websites. If the number was posted online maybe for a classified advertisement or some other reason, you can get the details from the website itself. Just type in the number and wait for results.

An online reverse phone number lookup is usually faster and more comprehensive, although you will have to pay a small amount for the full service. Some online reverse companies will charge you after the number you seek has successfully been found, which is better than paying upfront and getting no results.

The best reverse phone number lookup services are licensed directories that have a database of all publicly and privately owned telephone numbers. You will be charged to use such a service to find who owns a number because of the cost of updating all the numbers and keeping the license renewed. There are some online services that are fee, but the problem with these is that they are not as comprehensive as the paid services in terms of their phone records.

Charges for online lookups are very small compared to the advantage you will have to find who owns a number. You will pay a onetime amount of money but you will be able to search for an unlimited number of searches. This will be very helpful for detective work and investigations because you will receive accurate results from the service.

Services provided by online lookup websites include giving you the full name, address and physical location of the person who called you. You can also get other background information about the person who owns the number. This service will find who owns a number quite successfully and you will have the option of confronting the caller or reporting the case to the authorities.

Sometimes using these two methods to find who owns a number may not give you the results that you require. If the calls keep disturbing you, there is always the option of calling up your phone company and asking them to block the particular number from calling you. They can set up a blocking mechanism that will automatically stop the number from getting through to you.

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